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This is my section on angels. I'm not even going to try to write about the millions of views on angels, especially since angel's aren't my specialty area. I am going to try to explain it from my own point of view so please bear with me. Basically angels are beings that help people. They may be the type with wings or just another person on the street that goes around trying to help others. Some can be sent from god and others can simply choose to do what they do. I suppose there is an guardian angel assigned to everyone but that part is hard to believe with all the death and violence that is happening now adays. I do believe in angels, I just don't usually stick up for the lead-me-to-heaven type. To me angels are mostly just everyday people who make such a difference in a person's life that he or she is referred to as a celestrial being. I know it's not exactly the Catholic idea but it's what I believe the most. Now, the sites below will tell you a little more about angels except their more from the religious point of view.

Temple of Angels

This site explains a little bit on the subject of angels, including the views of a few religions. There are a couple of cool graphics/pics if you don't find the information that informative.

What are Angels?

This site offers Biblical quotes to explain about angels.

Celestial Byways

One of the best sites on angels I've found so far.

Angels Angels Angels

This site answers 34 common questions on angels.

The Angels in the Bible

Gives specific information on angels such as Gabriel and Michael.

Angels and Things

This site has stories how angels affected real-life people.